PCS Moving Announcement:

Kansas City Area


During the Summer of 2023, we knew in our hearts that the Lord was guiding us down a different path than the one we've been on for last 7+ years. As a family, we went through a MAJOR discernment process! Through prayer it became quite clear that we are being called to a NEW lifestyle in a NEW(ish) city! In KANSAS CITY to be exact!!!!

Nate, is still in the midst of discerning whether he will be leaving the Army entirely, OR whether he will join the Army Reserve. But for right now, in this moment, he knows he is being called to enter into the Civilian Workforce and leave his current Active Duty Army Career. After making this decision as a family, our next decision was WHERE we would be moving our family to...

newborn family photos
newborn family photos
newborn family photos

Where to next?

We heavily weighed Wichita, KS (where Nate is from and his family lives) and the Lenexa, KS area (where I am from and my family lives). After L O T S of prayer and asking for the intercession of one of our family's favorite Saints (St. Thérèse of Lisieux) we came to the V E R Y clear conclusion that Kansas City will be where we find our new home! We are excited to be staying in the state we call home to raise our children closer to family. We knew that regardless of the city, we simply wanted our children to be raised having as much cousin-time as possible.

There are still A L OT of unknowns in the midst of this big decision! 

newborn family photos

Something that we do know!

We will likely move to the Kansas City area by the end of Summer of 2024! Our goal is to be moved and settled in to a new home in time for the kids to start school in August. This is all dependent on Nate finding a civilian job sooner than later! He is currently in the middle of the application and interviewing process and is eager to learn where The Lord is calling him to serve next.

To my Fort Riley, KS Friends & Fam-Bam…

If you have been thinking about booking a photo session…THE TIME IS NOW! As we draw nearer to our moving date, I will be taking on less sessions in order to be fully present for my family during this new adventure of life. April and early to mid-May will be the last opportunity to book a session in the Fort Riley and Manhattan, KS area. To schedule a session together before I move, go to the "Book Me" page on my website! Fill out your contact info and we will get your session on my calendar!

To my Kansas City Friends & Fam…

I'M COMING HOMMMEEE!!!!! 🥳🥲✨❤️🎉 

After living away for over 10-years, I am THRILLED to be moving back to where I was born and raised! I'll be available for Family, Maternity, and Newborn photo sessions in the Kansas City area sometime soon after we make our move! I'm hoping to have availability by July at the very latest. Regardless, if you're wanting to schedule a session for Summer of 2024, don't hesitate to reach out! 

newborn family photos
newborn family photos
newborn family photos
newborn family photos

I'll be sure to keep you updated as our plans unfold! 

Until then, I ask whole heartedly for you to keep my family in your prayers!


Specifically for 

~Clarity in a career opportunity for my husband. One that will help provide for our family as well as continue to serve our society well.  

~Finding a home that we can grow to love and make our very own. 

~Finding a Catholic Church & School community that will help educate our children and allow for the opportunity to create lifelong friendships. 

Our hearts are heavy thinking about our time coming to a close here at Fort Riley.

But BOY OH BOYYYY are we excited for what the Lord has in store for us on this new adventure!

newborn family photos