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Me and my

family of five!

Let's start at the very beginning...

A very good place to start. I'm the little lady behind the lens! I'm only 5ft tall...legit a little lady. 😆 I was born and raised a classic Midwestern Kansas girl. I love Jesus, a STRONG cup of coffee, and some quality Ranch Dressing with my chicken nuggets. I'm an Army Wife honored to love the greatest man I know (I am biased though 😉 ). Together we are raising three wild at heart littles and the most genuine golden retriever there ever was. They keep me on my toes and inspire me to live in the present moment every day. It's all thanks to them that my desire to dive into photography took root!

After becoming a mother, I quickly realized how precious every moment is. Whether it be a big developmental milestone or simply watching your child enjoy spaghetti for the first time, each moment matters! Supporting my husband in his Military Career as a Military Wife and family has allowed us to experience the rollercoaster of a lifetime. We have moved many times, spent extended periods of time apart, learned to rely heavily on Our Lord, and ultimately come to appreciate every minute we have together. If you can at all relate and are searching for someone to help you fill your home with whimsical moments in time...I'm your gal!

My approach.

We all know the classic 90s photos. You're in a studio, wearing matching sweaters, standing stiffly next to your siblings, while someone stands behind a camera prompting you with “Alright, now everyone on the count of three say “cheese”.

Maybe you scheduled this for your family photos because this was your only option. Maybe you were like me as a child and had no idea what Mom and Dad had signed you up for. No matter what your past photography experiences look like…trust me when I tell you…I will NOT make you say “cheese”!

No one loves to stand awkwardly next to each other and stare into a camera lens. I don’t like to do it! And I definitely don't want you to gaze awkwardly at me through my lens. I am here to prompt genuine interactions between you and the ones you love in order to capture your authentic personalities and reactions!

If you're ready to explore the great outdoors and go on an adventure in nature, I'm your gal! Or if you're wanting to capture some authentic cozy moments with your family in the comfort of your own home, I'm also your gal!

At this time, I do not offer sessions in a studio space.

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capturing your love & families story is my vocation!

Helping you preserve & cherish your time from

(1) a couple madly in love to

(2) appreciating and anticipating the arrival of the new life you've helped create together to

(3) marveling at the beauty of your new baby to

(4) taking in every small moment together as your family grows

is my greatest honor and ultimate goal! We all long to remember this precious time that flies by far too fast. I'm here to serve you by creating a masterpiece from the authentic love between you and those you hold closest to your heart from behind my lens. I pray this masterpiece will be one you pull out in print and show to your children as they age and look back on for generations to come!

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Estrada Family

“Kaitlyn was Absolutely WONDERFUL!!! She did such an amazing job and made us feel 100% comfortable. She knows how to work with kids was so easily!!!! The photos are beautiful!!! Thank you! 😊”

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